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Personal Spy OC derpppp to unwind after environments. I feel like I get antsy if I don’t at least draw a Spy a day. Is that weird? That may be weird. 

Thank you new followers. *CONFETTI’D* 

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i am the female bernard black. 


I have seen people draw or write about the Sniper or Femspy or something saving the poor Blu Spy head. But I think a tentaspy does. He can empathize with having a medic do irreversible, life changing alterations to you. Also he is lonely. And likes talking to a fellow Spy. So the head is fed and kept safe deep in the sewers. Daw.

HOW ODD. Y’know I was just contemplating Spy Head the other day and how I kinda wanted to draw porn of it.  Wait wat. 

Title: Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah) Artist: Labrinth 41 plays

Labrinth - Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah

Can’t stop listening to this. Wat.

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