Gaspard Ulliel - after a glass of champagne, is all i want

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UHM. Shitty doodlecrap inspired by a thread on Reddit about a Australian who farted really loud and blamed it on a duck… I don’t claim to understand the own scattered logic of my brain. I really don’t. 

Hi new followers. Sorry about the derp.

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Gaspard Ulliel - stunning eyes

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Gaspard Ulliel - Armani suit looks good on Mr. Ulliel

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This is me on every Saturday.

it is necessary for me to reblog this again.

Das vas Ace Rimmer! Ve are lucky to be alive! 

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The Real Folk Blues - Yoko Kanno

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GoingLoco’s wunderbar and adorable Sniper. OuO

Going stay up all night and draw requests and talk to Angel and drink chocolate milk. So excited. Hi new followers. OuO