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Fuuu everyone knows what I love to draw it seems. Thank you for the request. <3 

For Karlika. I’m sorry this is so rushed and terrible fuhfuahgu. ;~; Art block you strike again. 

WIP for a request that Starry Dawn did agggess ago. I’m sorry it’s taken so long! Colours tomorrow. Tired now. 

Yes, yes you may. Thank you for the request anon. Just in time for Sniper/Spy Sunday as well! Wooooo!

Annnnd I just wanted to thank the many people who take the time to reblog/like/follow/ask me stuff and generally put up with my stupid derp. I can’t articulate it all the time but…All my feeelllsss.

If I have to draw two Spies licking surely it has to be yours and Stabby’s BLU spies, Trace and Jacque. <3 Thank you for the requessstttttt~

Thank you for the request and sweet message. <3 I hope you like it - it’s not my usual stuff although I will say that I do need more practise drawing Heavy, ohlord. 

GoingLoco’s wunderbar and adorable Sniper. OuO

Going stay up all night and draw requests and talk to Angel and drink chocolate milk. So excited. Hi new followers. OuO 

HFufhu. Well thank you for all the sweet comments and just generally being lovely and putting up with my silly obsessions with a Frenchman and a Peeman that just seem to sprout out in drawing form. <3333

And hiiii new followers. OuO 

Sorry! I was a bit cheeky on this one and this idea popped into my head early this morning (I started a real kissing picture, promise) Thank you for the request and thank you for being so sweet and continually catering to my embarrassingly fangirlish OTP needs with your lovely blog lol. 

Here you go anon. In my mind Pyro makes a OuO face. Because he is that adorable.

Don’t deny Nancy Drew Spy or he’ll throw his fabulous wig at you. 

Hi new followers. Excuse the derp. Fill my askbox with your requests of niceness?

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This is an accurate representation of myself. I bounce and think about deeks.

I know you lovely people want to leave some requests for me in my ask box for Monday cuz I have the day off. Yeahhhh. (G’wan you will.) I’m also coming up to my 100th post. Man, I should finish this huge painting I’ve been working on to celebrate. :B

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